Indian Creek Camplands

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Summary of Rates

$40/night:  Regular Campsite for two with one tent; or small family, even with extra kids' tents.

Dogs: No extra charge. Well behaved dogs are welcome to come to Camp along with their well behaved families.  You know your pet.  Do the leash and/or muzzle thing, as necessary.  Remember that your pet may have just had a long ride getting to Camp and will need to safely burn off some energy before it will follow your commands and be ready to play nicely with others.

Dog Don'ts: 
1. Do not allow Muffin to play with the Goats.  Goats are surprisingly protective of the herd and will sneak attack other animals.  It will be humbling for your proud Muffin to be knocked head-over-paws down our mountain. Happens. Even to big ol' mean dogs.

2.  Droppings on trails and in human places: you know the drill: don't let it happen. 

$20/person/night:  For groups in the larger, private camping areas regardless of the number of tents/vehicles you put on one, two, or four acres.  Kids free with their adult family members.

$8/Day:  Pass for visitors/walkers/hikers/fishermen/nature lovers/Big Foot Trackers

$10.00/Hugload:  Cost of firewood at check-in site.  Extra charge for delivery to your campsite.  Free foraging in woods for fallen branches; no cutting of standing trees.

$400/Day: Exclusive use of the Pavilion with its large under roof fire pit, picnic tables, electric outlets, ceiling lights, small riser stage, two cabinet refrigerators/buffet servers, small microwave, lined trash containers, fillable soft drink vending machines, and mountain views. A reasonable supply of firewood is included. Payment in advance and a Cash Security/Cleaning Deposit required.

School, scout, and church groups: Contact us for pricing.

Active Duty Military Personnel and Veterans: Welcome home! Contact us for special pricing opportunities when you have an ID.

SECURITY DEPOSIT:  We now must charge the following clean-up cash security deposits at time of check-in for all campsites:

       $25 for small campsites of 2-4 people and family units.
       $50 for groups of 5-12
       $100 for groups over 12 people.
Keep your site as clean as we gave it to you and you will go home with your deposit. Leave your footprints and take your trash, pictures, and memories with you.  It is that simple.   


 You MAY NOT bring your own firewood. Seriously, we are worried about the wood from other areas importing bugs and things.  So, we will make you a great deal: Only 40* bucks a night for a wilderness campsite for you and your special friend and you can scavenge your firewood here; we have over 100 acres of woodlands on our property and you are free to pick up any wood on the ground.

Some of our sites are up to four acres in size AND we let you have access to free firewood... from your campsite, just go into our woods and pick-up fallen branches and be very careful. We have a lot of woods and have never run out of usable firewood.  Just don't try to cut any of our living trees; we like 'em just where they are. Do bring a saw or an axe to cut the fallen branches into campfire pieces and remember that you are not being supervised, so be extra careful.  Gathering you own firewood is really good exercise and will warm you twice. Don't forget the cheap hugloads we sell.  Nights at the Camplands can get really cool all year long.  Snugglin' becomes a contact sport.

Do hike around and enjoy some lovely views along Rasler Run and our little piece of Indian Creek! When the berries are in season, hike the steep hills and help yourself. Do stay out of our garden, however. 

All for $40*.  You would spend that much just for the firewood at other camps... and you would still have to share your tent pegs with your neighbors. 

If you and your companion would rather Make A Memory In the Mountainstm without messin' about firewood, we can load you up with firewood for only Ten Bucks a Hugload.  It ain't any cheaper for that amount of firewood... any place else and we let you do the huggin'... and snugglin'.

At Indian Creek Camplands, you may not see or even hear your camping neighbors. 
Be prepared to entertain yourself... unless you bring your neighbors with you... your kids can stay with you for free, larger models of humans are 20 bucks each.

We won't tuck you in... we don't place candy kisses on your pillow... and we will never have animal costumed staff.  Other places may do these things... and some are very good at it.  We are the best at wild, untamed mountain camping.  If you bring kids, you will have to provide the entertainment... and your kids will be sure to...
Make a Memory in the Mountainssm 


Indian Creek Camplands                         
1132 Mount Tabor Road Extension
Connellsville, Pa 15425